Form 6d at the theatre!

Some time ago the White Horse Theatre visited our school. The company presented two plays. One of these, they performed especially for us, the younger students.

Our play was called „The Dark Lord and the White Witch“. The Dark Lord fought the White Witch. Guess who won in the end! smile

Well, this is what some of us like to tell about the play:

„I enjoyed the play and the language. The actors spoke English all the time. I did not understand every word but I understood a lot. The actors acted nicely and the story was interesting.“ (Emilia, 6d)

„I didn’t understand so much but other people understood more than me. The story was good and I think the people liked it too. The actors were good. The scenery was good too – the only thing I did not like was the trees.“ (Enes, 6d)

„My opinion: The actors played well. They spoke English all the time. I did not understand every word but the scenery and the way the actors told the story helped a lot to understand the story.“ (Lara Sch., 6d)

„The story was good, very creative and told in a beautiful way. The scenery was superb. The actors were very good and they acted nicely. The actors had an accent and that’s why I did not understand every word. All in all I liked the play very much.“ (Romina, 6d)

 „In the play the bad and mean Dark Lord was fighting the White Witch who is nice and helpful. There were two birds, Bullie and Gala, too, and they were very funny. It was a beautiful story with good fantasy but it was a little short and sometimes it was a little boring. We all understood what it was about. The actors spoke quite fast, so we did not understand everything. And it was easier to understand them in the beginning than in the end. But the actors all played well and the White Horse Group painted a nice picture of the landscape.“ (Finn, Lea H., Pauline, Leon, 6d)